Handheld OC-10 Diffusion Combustible Gas Leak Detector For Chemical Plant OC-10

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Handheld OC-10 Diffusion Combustible Gas Leak Detector For Chemical Plant OC-10
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Customized support: OEM
Place of Origin: Henan, China
Μάρκα: Oceanus
Model Number: OC-10
Product name: Handheld Combustible gas detector
Sensor Type: Semiconductor sensor
Sampling Method: Diffusion sampling
Preheat time: ≤30S
Response time: ≤5S
Sensitivity: Better than 50 PPM
Indication: LCD scroll bar and data display
Charging time: ≤ 5 hours
Continuous Working time: >8h (normal working environment)
Sensor life: 2 years
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Place of Origin: Henan, China
Μάρκα: Oceanus
Model Number: OC-10
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OC-10 Handheld diffusion type Combustible gas leak detector

Description Portable NH3 gas detector, Ammonia gas detector, NH3 gas detector

OC-10 portable combustible gas leakage detector is for industrial use with high performance and a wide detecting range, which can detector more than ten types combustible explosive gas. It with the Japan sensor and American Military grade processor. Also, it has below advantages: small figure, simple operation, easy to carry, extension flexible probe tube, high shock resistance. High-resolution STN dot-matrix LCD can provide high-visible display. handheld gas detector, handheld gas alarm, portable gas detector, gas alarm, gas detector, gas monitor, gas detection, gas alarm device. gas leak detector.

Detection Gas

Combustible gas (such as natural gas, LPG, etc)Portable gas detector, gas detector

Detecting Range

0-1000ppm or 0-10000ppm (optional) (calibrated by methane)

Sensor Type

Semiconductor sensor NH3 gas detector, Portable NH3 gas detector, gas detector

Sensor life 2years NH3 gas detector, portable NH3 gas detector

Sampling Method

Diffusion sampling


Better than 50 PPM

Working Environment

Temperature: -10℃~55℃ ;

Humidity: ≤93% RH (non-condensing)

Storage Environment

Temperature: -30℃~60℃

Humidity: ≤93% RH (non-condensing)

Preheat time


Response time



LCD scroll bar and data display, audio alarm with variation of frequency

Charging time

≤ 5 hours mobile gas detector

Continuous Working time

>8h (normal working environment) gas detection,gas alarm device, gas leak detector.

Power Supply

3.6V 1600mAh rechargeable lithium battery


About 300 gas leak detector. mobile gas detector.



Gas type Measuring range Sensor type
Ex 0~100%LEL Catalytic combustion sensor
O2 0~25%vol/30%vol Eelectrochemical sensor
H2S 0~100ppm/1000ppm
H2 0~1000ppm/40000ppm
N2 0~100%vol
NH3 0~100ppm/500ppm
C2H4O 0~100ppm/500ppm
SO2 0~20ppm/2000ppm
Cl2 0~10ppm/20ppm/50ppm/200ppm
HCl 0~50ppm/100ppm
HBr 0~50ppm/100ppm
ClO2 0~50ppm
NO 0~200ppm/500ppm/2000ppm
NO2 0~20ppm/100ppm/500ppm/2000ppm
HCN 0~30ppm/50ppm/100ppm
HF 0~10ppm
CH2O 0~10ppm
THT 0~50mg/m3
Helim 0~1000ppm
Argon 0~100%vol
SiH4 0~50ppm/100ppm
CH4S 0~20ppm
CO2 0~5000ppm/10000ppm Infrared sensor
SF6 0~1000ppm
CH4 0~200ppm/10%vol
TVOC 0~20ppm/100ppm/1000ppm PID sensor
CS2 0~10ppm/50ppm/100ppm
CH3Br 0~20ppm/100ppm/200ppm
CH4 0~10%vol/50%vol/100%vol Laser sensor

Henan Oceanus Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Henan Oceanus Import & Export Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the marketing of the Gas detection system since the establishment. Our company own the R&D force and an excellent marketing team, also the strict quality testing standards. Gas detection system is our main products, including of the Portable gas detector, Fixed gas detector, Gas detection controller, we can provide the good quality and after-sell for agents in different countries, for the end users we can provide the whole solutions for different applications. With the development of our company, our engineer research the new products, Air quality monitor system, particle counter, hardness tester and other instruments. All of the products are widely applied to different industrial fields. With the advantage of technology, products, price, pre-sale and after-sale service, we believe we can successful set up favorable and close relationships with the partners in various fields, including petroleum, chemical, gas industry, electric power, environmental protection and energy saving, steel industry, metallurgy, water treatment, pharmaceuticals industry medical industry and food service industry. handheld gas detector, handheld gas alarm, portable gas detector, gas monitor,

Q: Is there an OEM service?

A: As the trusted and professional supplier, we accept the sample order, even for one piece. Also provide the OEM service, sample order is OK.

Q: Which payment methods are supported?

A: Usually we support the TT, Western Union, Paypal.

Q: Do you support after sales service?

A: Most products we provide warranty of 12months, some with the longer warranty of 24months.

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